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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Resolve Verification Code not received by Email

If you cannot receive the verification code by your email, please first confirm that you have filled in the correct email address. If yes, please try the following methods:
Method 1: It may be caused by an internet delay. Please recheck it again after a moment. The verification code is valid for 15 minutes.
Method 2: Please check whether it is in your junk box.
Method 3: Please whether your registration email is consistent with your verification code receiving email.
Method 4: If you still cannot receive the verification code after the above, it may have been intercepted. You have to add MEXC links (1. email.mexc.link; 2. info.mexc.link; 3. mexc.com) into your whitelist via email "Setting".

Email Verification Code Cannot be Received

If you cannot receive the email verification code, please check:

I. Whether your email address is correctly filled during registration.

If your email address is wrongly filled during registration, you have to change your email address. You shall first complete the KYC verification, and then send email change application to service@mexc.com (we will solve your problem within 24 hours). The following data is required:

  1. Problem description
  2. MEXC account (Mobile phone number and email account)
  3. New email account (Please ensure your new email is correct, otherwise you may not receive a verification code. As a result, your withdrawal may not be completed. The popular mailboxes, such as Gmail, QQ, Outlook, etc. are recommended).
  4. Half body shot of your ID card and written-form application in your hands. Please ensure the pictured information is clear and readable, and the written-form application shall be marked with E-mail change information and the date. For example, "My old E-mail account, My new E-mail account and the Date" shall be marked on the application. Please note that the date shall be the very day you make the application.

II. Whether the email is in your junk box.

III. Whether your E-mail APP sends or receives emails normally.

IV. Set MEXCs official E-mail address

Set mexc@email.mxc.link and mexc@info.mxv.link into your white list.

P2P Fiat Trading

1. What is P2P Fiat Trading?

P2P Fiat trading refers to the purchase or sale of digital assets with Fiat currency (e,g, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, etc.) between merchants users. It allows for quick conversions between digital assets and fiat.

2. What is USDT?

USDT, or Tether, is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency pegged to the U.S. dollar (USD). In other words, one USDT will always be equal to one U.S. dollar. Guests can exchange their USDT for USD at a 1:1 rate at any point in time. Tether strictly abides by the 1:1 reserve guarantee; every USDT issued is backed by a corresponding U.S. dollar.

3. How to set up the payment method?

If you're using the web interface:

Please click "Buy Crypto" "Settings" "Add Collection Method".

If you're using the application interface:

Please click "Trade" "Fiat" "..." "Collection Settings" "Add collection methods".

Please be aware that you need to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before conducting OTC Trading.

4. When verifying my bank card, why do I see the message "User should be the Card's Owner?"

The account name of your bound bank card or E-wallet must be the same as your name to verify your identity. Additionally, you must use your own bank card or E-wallet.

5. I filled in my payment collection method incorrectly and I would like to change my payment method. What should I do?

You may edit, or delete and add a new payment method in the "Payment Mode Management" Page.

6. Which bank cards can be bound to the platform?

MEXC currently supports most banks on the platform.

7. Can I pay with someone else's bank account?

In order to avoid transaction issues, kindly make payment with a verified bank account which belongs to you.

8. Why do I receive a "Balance Insufficient" message when selling tokens?

If you would like to sell USDT through the "P2P Trading" function, you first need to transfer your USDT from your Trading account to your Fiat account first.

9. I didnt make the payment, but I accidentally clicked "I have paid", what should I do?

Please contact the merchant through the chat box (on the right) to cancel your order. Do note that MEXC will not be liable for losses arising from guest negligence. Please check before confirming your orders.

10. How many times can I cancel my P2P order in a day?

As a general rule, guests may cancel up to three orders a day before a temporary restriction is placed on their ability to P2P trade for the next 24 hours.

11. I have confirmed that payment has been made, but the merchant says they have not received their funds. Why is this the case?

The Merchant's bank may not have processed the transaction yet. Do communicate with the merchant and allow for some additional time for the delay to be resolved. Your tokens will be released to you immediately once payment has been received.

12. The merchant has confirmed that my tokens have been released. Which account were they released to?

Do note that your tokens are deposited directly into your Fiat account. However, if you do not receive your tokens, you may reach out to the merchant with the MEXC messaging system or call them directly. Alternatively, you may raise an appeal to the MEXC customer service department.

13. Do I need to confirm that the tokens have been released when I am the selling party?

Yes. Do click on the "confirm release" button once you have received payment.

14. "There are no ads that meet the requirements yet." What does this prompt mean?

Some Merchants will place minimum requirements such as "Minimum Trades done" or "Primary KYC Completed" on their listings. If you are unable to meet their minimum requirements, you may not be able to complete a transaction with them.

15. Is there a time limit for making payments to merchants?

Transfers to your merchant should be completed within 15 minutes. If you do not make the transfer within the stipulated time, the system will automatically cancel your order.

16. I have already made payment. Why did my order still time out?

You have to click "Confirm Payment" after you have made the transfer. If you do not click on the "Confirm Payment" button, your order may timeout and the system will cancel it automatically. If this happens, contact the merchant directly for a refund.

17. I transferred money to the merchant but they have not released the transaction. The merchant said that the transfer was not performed in accordance with the regulations of their bank. Their account has been frozen as a result. What can I do?

Please reach out to the merchant and try to negotiate a compromise. We recommend that you give the merchant some time to resolve the situation. If the merchant is still unable to release the tokens to you after the agreed window of time has closed, you may contact our online customer service department directly and we will reach out to the merchant on your behalf.

We strongly advise against putting sensitive words like "crypto", "Bitcoin", "MEXC" or specific cryptocurrency names in the "Transfer Reference" field.

18. "Because your account has undergone OTC transactions, it will take 24 hours to withdraw cash. If you have any questions, please contact the platform customer service" What does this prompt mean?

The MEXC trading platform has stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) mechanisms in place. If users have bought USDT through the P2P Trading function, they will need to wait 24 hours from the time of their trade before they can make a withdrawal.

19. Are MEXC's P2P merchants reliable?

All of our merchants have paid a security deposit and passed our verification process. MEXC has made every effort to ensure a safe and frictionless trading experience. If you have any additional questions, please contact our online customer service department.

Spot Trading

1. Why cant I enter the buy/sell amount?

Please make sure that you have a sufficient amount in your account. If the amount is insufficient, you cannot enjoy the transaction.

2. I only bought USDT, why cant I trade?

The USDT you purchase in fiat trading will be put into your fiat account, you need to transfer them to your spot account before you trade.

3. Where can I see my transaction records?

Your transaction record can be seen in your "Orders"-"Currency Order"-"Historical Orders".

4. Why cant I see all my transaction records?

At present, you can only see your transaction records for nearly a month in your account. If you need to inquire more transaction records, please submit an application through online customer service, and we will send it to your registered mailbox in about 3 working days.

5. Why is my transaction record different from my order record?

The transaction is usually divided into multiple partial transactions, please check the total amount, it should be the same as the amount you placed.

6. Is there a market order method for currency trading?

At present, we do not have a market-based pending order for currency trading, and all require you to manually enter the price and quantity for pending orders.

7. What is the innovation zone?

Tokens in the innovation zone often belong to a category with relatively large price fluctuations. Compared with the mainboard market, the products in the innovation zone are also more risky and require a careful operation. It is worth mentioning that the tokens in the innovation zone are limited in time and not inconvenient. If the tokens in the innovation zone return to normal fluctuations, it is possible to move to the mainboard for trading at a later stage after the volume rebounds. Announcement notice.

8. How should I add my frequently used trading pairs?

You can search for the token you want in the search bar on the right, and click the "☆" next to add a favorite.

9. How should I read the introduction of this project?

On the web page, you can click on the transaction pair on the left side of the page to check the "XXX data" below, and on the mobile terminal, you can click on the transaction pair and view the introduction in the "currency details" in the drop-down page.

10. Why are the percentage in the daily line rising and the decline in the Kline showing?

Because the percentage change in the daily line is calculated at 0 points, and the Kline in the daily line is updated at 8 points.

11. Cant the apps trading interface set the parameters of technical indicators?

The parameter setting of the technical indicators on the App side is under development, so stay tuned.

12. How should the moving average be selected on the web?

You can click "⚙" in the market trading interface and the "Indicator" button next to it to make a selection.

13. How to set the night mode on the mobile App interface?

You can click on the avatar in the upper left corner to enter the "My" interface and turn on the night mode next to the "⚙" button.

14. Can the exchange set up red and green?

The web page can be set to go up and down, click the "⚙" button on the trading interface to set.

15. When is the daily trading volume of MEXC calculated?

It starts at 16:00 (UTC) every day.

16. When did the MEXC increase or decrease start to be calculated?

It starts at 16:00 (UTC) every day.

17. When did the daily K-line chart of MEXC start to update?

Updated every day at 00:00 (UTC).